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Legal Terms & Conditions

Product Design

You must make sure you enter your measurements in detail exactly as explained in the “How to measure” guide available on the web site.

In the event of needing to make any change to your order, you must contact CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. no later than 24 hours after placing it. It will be up to CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. to decide if the changes requested are to be authorised.

Returns and Changes

The garments sold by CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. are individually made to measure as required by each customer. In those cases in which a garment does not fit the customer’s measurements, CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. offers a series of guarantees:

In no case will CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. return any sum paid.

The order will be returned if:

1. The courier firm loses the order (the mere delay in delivery shall not be considered as a loss. It shall only be considered loss when proof has been provided by the courier firm).

2. The product is faulty in the opinion of CLICKANDSUIT, S.L.

3. The material chosen does not correspond to that of the garment received. (This does not include any possible differences in colour due to the appearance of the material on the computer).

As it has already been mentioned, the customer must bear in mind that the garments sold by CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. are made to measure for each customer according to the measurements given by the latter on the web site. Therefore, CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. shall not accept any liability for the manufacture of the garment that is due to the customer having entered the wrong measurements. It must also be taken into account that, as the measurements entered on the web site must correspond to the customer’s physique, the size of the garment in question will not coincide with the measurements entered by the customer.

In the event of wishing to make a complaint, you should:

1. Contact the After Sales department no later than [seven days] after receiving the product.

2. If the complaint is accepted, CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. will contact you for sending the garment.


As the garments available on CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. are made to measure, there is a possibility that once delivered they may not match your measurements perfectly. Therefore, and so that your garment will be a perfect fit, CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. offers an alterations service for which it will pay up to £30 of the garment alteration price.

First you must get the garment altered by your tailor and then send the bill to CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. at, stating your order reference number and that of the account into which the payment corresponding to the alterations is to be made, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions appearing on this web site.

After verifying the details sent, CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. will return the sum corresponding to the alterations made within one week. The following terms are indispensable for the alteration of the garment:

1) The garment alteration and its notification to CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. must be made no later than 30 days since the order has been received.

2) The sum of the alteration will be paid once the conditions expressed above have been met.

3) Once the garment has been altered, no change or return will be possible.

Delivery of Garment

Once you have placed your order on the CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. web site, the tailor who will be appointed to make the garment will be notified by CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. When the garment is ready, CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. will hire a courier firm to deliver your garment to you. This process will take at least 15 calendar days, maybe more if there are any setbacks in making your garment or in its delivery.

CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. shall not accept any liability regarding any delay in making or delivering the product as a result of events or circumstances beyond the control of CLICKANDSUIT, S.L., in the event of the customer not being available, delay in delivery, human, mechanical or technical errors, unforeseen events or force majeure, or customs issues, whether customs in origin or in destination.

The delivery of the garments purchased from CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. is subject to a delivery contract with the courier firm. When the product is handed over to the courier firm only the latter will be responsible for it.


Once the garment arrives at the customs in its destination country the corresponding import VAT shall apply, for which CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. shall be responsible.

In the event of the garment being held at customs and import duties having to be paid, CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. shall pay 12% of the garment’s value, which will include transport to customs in the destination country.

In the event of any issues arising regarding other customs charges, please contact CLICKANDSUIT, S.L. at