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About click&suit

Mendings and alterations

What happens if the fit of the garment doesn’t is not the expected?

Our tailors have many years of experience in working without the physical presence of the customer, and just with his measurements and pictures instead. Besides that fact, all garments are checked by tailors' supervisors to ensure that all garments meet our quality standards.

However, working without any customer fittings can sometimes lead to small lacks of precission. Please check our "mendings insurance" in such occassions.

Click&suit takes responsibility for the mendings and covers the costs up to the following limits:

Suits: 30 £
Jackets: 20 £
Shirts: 10 £
Coats: 30 £

How can I access the “Mendings Insurance"?

You need to contact us on and we will grant you the corresponding amount according to the “Mendings Insurance”.

Required information:

1. Order information: order code, code of the garment that needs to be altered, and a brief description of the alteration
2. We need a copy of the bill that shows all the alterations made to the garment
3. Account number to transfer the money to

The Mendings Insurance policy will indicate how much we cover for each garment type independently of the amount specified in the bill.

Can I cancel my order?

In order to cancel an order you first have to check which state it is in. Access your private client area in . If the state of the order is “pending” you will be able to cancel it without any additional cost and you will get your money back. Otherwise if the tailoring process has already been started you will not be able to cancel it.