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About click&suit

Shipping and delivery

How are the orders sent?

Our orders are sent by urgent air transport. In order to ensure our clients the best conditions, click&suit works with the most important transport companies in the world (TNT, DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc).

How long does it take for the order to arrive to its destination?

The express delivery takes about 15 days from the moment you order your garments until you receive them in the indicated address. In case you don't need to receive your garment urgently you can choose the standard delivery, which is free of charge and takes 20-25 days to arrive.

How can I keep track of my orders?

You just have to visit your private client area and you will be able to check the state of your orders (whether they are being tailored, ready to send, etc.)

Which countries does click&suit deliver to?

Click&suit is currently delivering to United Kingdom and Spain, but will expand to other european countries in the short term, and other continents and the mid-long term.

Do the garments arrive in a good condition?

Bespoke clothes are delicate and require therefore a special treatment. Our packing system fills empty spaces attempting to prevent clothes from wrinkles. However, click&suit suggests to iron the clothes when they arrive.

Do I have to pay customs?

You will receive your order at home without paying any customs and without going through any customs procedures.