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About click&suit

General information

What is click&suit?

CLICKANDSUIT S.L. is a spanish company dedicated to the distribution of custom made garments. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with high quality tailored clothing at competitive prices in a secure and fast way. We pay special attention to every order and we do not stop until our client is fully satisfied with the service provided.

What steps do I need to follow to place an order?

To get a bespoke garment done was never so easy. The steps to follow for all our garments is the following:

1. Chose your fabric
2. Customize it your way*
3. Take your measurements
4. Specify you contact and delivery details

* This step is not applicable to coats

Where are the garmets manufactured?

Every garment is produced in Hoi An city, Vietnam’s central coast. Hoi An has an ancestral tradition of manufacturing high quality textile products based on the know how of their tailors and the access to best fabrics of Southeast Asia.

What are the conditions at the tailors' workplace?

All our tailors are adults and have appropriate working conditions, significantly above those required by law. Click&suit is active in the fight for a work-free childhood and therefore we work together with local authorities (Vietnam) identifying child-work cases.