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About click&suit


Which ways do I have to make a payment?

Safety and ease are our 2 premises when it comes to internet payments in our website.

Therefore we allow you to pay your orders by credit/debit card and PayPal.


In order to keep the safety in the payments we are always after, we do not allow paying by bank money transfers.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is the quickest and safest way to make payments online and it will grant you the following benefits:

* It is safe: PayPal stores your bank account details in a safe way protecting it with first class security systems and fraud prevention. Hence your bank account details data will never be shared with other people.

* It is quick and easy: you won't need to specify your bank account details when buying online. You'll only need to specify your email address and password instead.

* It is flexible: You can chose how you want to make your payments: either by credit/debit or bank account.

When do the orders get charged?

click&suit, as many other online shops, will charge the orders as soon as they get accepted by the customer. It usually takes around 6 hours for the charge to be effective (see Mendings and alterations section).